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As a working mother of 4 I have a hard time coming up with something for dinner. If you are not pre-planning your meals it makes it even more difficult! There are times I am great with the pre-planning and feel so very accomplished. Then there are other times I think “Why the heck am I doing this? Let’s just wing it!” I’m quickly reminded of why planning is key! This post is the “Haven’t planned but I have things in my freezer” post.

A favorite in our home is Roast and potatoes. It is so good when it is in crock pot all day long and you come home to the amazing smell! Well…. We have rarely been able to have that planned since I have usually worked away from home. All of the kids are age 4-13 yrs so they are not currently able to help with dinner unless I am home or have all ingredients and the time to walk them through each step. So….. Here is what we do at least monthly:

  • Grocery shop for roasts every time I’m at grocery. If there is an amazing bargain, buy two. Put one in freezer and cook one that week. We also always have potatoes and min carrots on hand because they can be an easy veggie at any meal.
  • Use your Electric Pressure cooker. (I will post link when I am able.)
  • The best way to do this is if roast is thawed. At our house that is rarely the case….. using frozen roast is a little different to do but not much.
    1. Turn the electric pressure cooker to brown. Put roast in and let it sear on both sides like 5 mins or so.
    2. Add 1 cup of beef stock
    3. Then set to either 70 or 80 KPA. Mine defaults to a time of approx. 30 min.
    4. During this time clean the carrots and potatoes and dice it size. (I have also been known to use whatever veggies we have.. whether frozen or fresh)
    5. When 30 min up, use the quick release valve, open and insert the veggies. (sometimes I add more of the stock but it is really based on what is left in the pot.)
    6. Set pot for 70 KPA and time for 12 min. It will be complete after this time.
    7. At this time, if you are not quite ready to eat I would leave the cooker alone and wait until ready. If everything is ready and people are famished (mine are always “starving.”) then use the quick release option again and serve.

This is one of the many things I do with my electric pressure cooker. I have made some amazing meals pretty quickly with items on hand on many occasions. It takes trial and error and pb&j as a backup but it is worth a shot to have home cooked meals with the family!

Electric Pressure Cookers are amazing!!! Here is a link for many from Amazon and if you purchase one while you are browsing you are helping my website out 🙂

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