About Me & Why

Hello! I’m super excited to start this journey of blogging. I’m a wife and mother of four amazing children. We live in Midwest Indiana where my husband farms by choice and works full-time as a tool maker because we need a steady income stream ? He loves to farm and he loves being a tool maker. I believe he enjoys playing in dirt the most! I am a nurse. I have worn many hats in the nursing world. I love all of my patients and my past places of employment had some great people. I am on this journey because my job is being eliminated. I had finally found something that worked for my family with no nights, holidays, wknds, or call but it is no longer there. I want to stay home with my children more and be at the hospitals demands less. With Healthcare changing in the political world I thought it best to have a back up plan ? My children are ages 4, 5, 11, 13 and we “make it work” almost every day! Come join me on our journey, learn ways we have coped with: vacations, foods we love, people we meet, healthcare, and more!